Tell to secure their site, Solange got them poppin’ again!!!

So yesterday there was all this talk about coming back. “What the hell, what?!?” And because I’m not on Twitter as much as I used to be I had to go do a little bit of poking around to find out what the hell was everybody talking about. I saw a few friends sharing an article written by an author from The lead in title read “Solange just took over Black Planet”. My initial thoughts were, “Are we talking about the same Black Planet that started inboxing before inboxing as we know it today?”, or the same website during a time where you were shamed for meeting someone on the internet, or the site responsible for users catfishing amongst it’s community before catfishing was even a term. Yeah that!!!
Oh those were the days, during the time of Napster and buffering and more buffering.

The article basically talks about Solange sending black Twitter into a frenzy because like myself, everyone collectively had the same thought, “Black Planet!!!!” , also is this a promotional tactic to let everyone know that this is a follow-up to her last album “A Seat at the Table”?

Fans react to Black Planet announcement

So there was two things I was curious about when I saw this. First, If her next album is as dope as the first one then when is it coming out? We need that. Second, what the hell does even look like now because I’m a web developer so I was very curious?

I thought I would go ahead and visit her profile. Once I got there bad so you arrive to is a dark mystic page and what I believed was animated gifs but are actually MP4’s (this was after inspecting the page and making a interesting discovery that the upload directory indicates it’s a Wordpress site, Black Planet social network is on Wordpress? see below) but that’s not what I discovered that was a concern and this isn’t a Black Planet deep dive.

I noticed looking at her profile and throughout the rest of there isn’t a SSL certificate installed.

Take MySpace for example, which was around during BP’s hay-day and apparently still kicking. Their site has a SSL certificate, it’s partially secured but still valid.

Why is this important?
A site running without an SSL certificate is a potential security concern for users, especially for users that are being driven to a site from a well known entertainer. For those that don’t know what an SSL certificate does, basically it encrypts your connection. Nowadays it’s an industry standard to carry one because if you’re collecting or sharing sensitive information it keeps users safe. Read more about ssl certificates. In the case of this is huge security risk when it comes to users trying to access their old profile if it still exist or new users that are signing up just because Solange said “Find me on black planet”. Imagine the migration of users possibly hitting the site in response to a mystic tweet. This is a great idea for the culture, potentially bringing back one of the greatest social media sites of it’s time, but execution has to catch up to the idea.

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