How to Study for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam

A strategy to studying and passing the exam on the first try

Recently I passed the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam. I’ve spent a lot of time working in AWS and I believe having any certification from AWS would validate my knowledge. It took me about a year learning the ins and outs, being uninspired at times, researching, doubting myself, etc. Then Boom!!!! “Congratulations you passed……” As I read the screen I was a lil overwhelmed because of the time it took to get here. So I thought I some share some resources and strategies I took to pass the exam.

Enroll in online training

I used both ACloudGuru and Linux Academy. Each one has a different teaching style if you like short and to the point choose ACloudGuru, overly technical and detailed, choose Linux Academy. Honestly it’s good to have both because studying it depends on your mood because if I had a hard time focusing I wasn’t using Linux Academy and if I needed more details I wouldn’t use ACloudGuru. They both offer learning paths, quizzes, simulated exams, and sandbox environments to practice with AWS. As of 12.16.2019 ACloud Guru as acquired Linux Academy so now anyone can get the best of both worlds.

Read the AWS Whitepapers

Again read the AWS Whitepapers!!!! I read in several forums and even in the video resources everyone would say, “Read the whitepapers”. I completely agree with this statement because on the exam there’s several questions you can only have the answer to if you read the whitepapers. There’s a lot of value in the whitepapers but the ones I recommend are

AWS Well architected Framework
Overview of Amazon Services
AWS Storages Servicea Overview
AWS security best practices
Intro to DevOps

While they’re long and sometimes boring reads, they give you all the information and understanding you need to pass the exam with confidence.

When you do you know you’re ready?

Well, I kept trying to hit a 100% on the practice tests but that didn’t fair well because I became obsessive with that and when I would get answers wrong it pissed me off. Then I felt fatigued from studying so much I said “It’s time”. There was nothing else I felt I needed to do so I knew that’s when I was ready.

Overall understand how all of the services talk to each other within a well-architected stack.

This may not work for you but doing it this way kept me from going down the content and research rabbit hole.

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