CraftCMS + Docker Dev Environment in seconds

Craft Mac-n-Cheez is a cli application that does all of the heavy lifting in seconds, configuring CraftCMS to a Docker container.

Project Config File option added for CraftCMS 3.1+

Settings are set by default or customized and remain agnostic after bootstrap completion (i.e. file & folder permissions, credentials, structure).

For successful operation, it’s assumed Docker, Docker Compose and Composer applications are installed. Images bshelling/craftphpenv and mysql:5.7 are written to the docker-compose.yml.

Download Craft Mac-N-Cheez

bshelling is full stack developer/software engineer from New Orleans, with a background in graphic design and digital marketing.

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Shelling is what they call me. A forward thinker debugging life's code line by line. Creator, crossfitter, developer, engineer

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