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How to verify the checksum of a file and why it’s important

Files of all types are downloaded everyday and every second. From documents to videos, music to applications, etc going from point A to point B. “A” being the source, in most cases a url endpoint that triggers the download process to “B” being the end user’s destination. In many cases if the the file we’re downloading doesn’t come from a familiar source say from a torrent server. How can we verfiy that the file’s integrity? This is where checksums come in?

What is a Checksum?

Basically a checksum is hash value as…

Image of building blocks
Image of building blocks
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Easily create a custom block in just a few steps

The Gutenberg editor in Wordpress has become a problem child for WP users and developers across the community. While it has its pros and cons it can easily be seen as Wordpress’ greatest innovation. Its primary use is to make content creation easier when it comes to building unique page layouts and designs. This feature is something Wordpress lacked for a long time especially when it’s already implemented in other frameworks such as Drupal or CraftCMS.

With any new feature as a developer comes the pain of understanding how it…

Save days, maybe weeks, of work with 22 lines of code!

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With 22 lines of code, days, maybe weeks, of work can be reduced to 30 minutes.

The need to get tasks done more quickly and efficiently is greater than ever today. That’s where automation comes in. Automation is great in environments that support it, but others, such as “dinosaur cultures,” look at it as an attempt to be lazy.

Either way, automation is a benefit in situations where there’s a large amount of “x” and it needs to be manipulated somehow.


I was provided with a dataset with over 18000 entries of soccer player information — players' names, ages, weights…

Supercharge your writing workflow with VS Code’s best-kept secret for writers, editors, and bloggers

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I strive from day to day to carry the ideals of a minimalist within my work and my life.

Working as a developer, I try to minimize tools used to get the job done, from coding to word processing to graphics editing. Right now I’m using a lot I’d rather not list right now, but I try hard to reduce that number.

Not only do I try to reduce the tools, but I try to reduce the features I use within each tool. …

A photo of a marathon runner winning a race
A photo of a marathon runner winning a race
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Quality and consistency are the foundations for being successful. You can’t have one without the other.

I think back to a time as a kid when my Mom would take us to her favorite Chinese restaurant. There were times when the food was on point and during other times the food fell short she would ask, “Who’s back there cooking tonight?”. I always thought the food was fine unless it was really bad, besides I’m a kid at this time, everything tastes the same.

As time went on my Mom would only eat at that restaurant when the chef she liked was working in the kitchen only because she knew the food was prepared the way…

From time to time I’m asked “How did you start as a developer? What’s a good site to use ? Any good resources? Is it easy” My answer to these questions tend to change all the time because my career as a developer continues to evolve and so does the resources.

For the last 13 years I have gone from reading books (“…for Dummies”, O’Reilly published books, etc), to searching the web, to a more “learn by doing” approach. You’ll see me say that alot because the resources I use almost always use that approach. …

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With a great strategy, any Facebook ad can perform well with a small budget

When it comes to running a digital ad the strategy comes down to a science in most cases. It’s even more of a science if you’re looking to run ads within the Facebook ecosystem. Mastering how to appease their algorithm comes down to understanding human psychology and behavior, but I can save that deep dive for another day.

Recently I discovered a pattern with 3 of my latest ads. When I found success from the first, I used the same strategy for the second and third…

Testing a database isn’t as difficult as you may think — knowing how to do it could be a lifesaver

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Testing is a very important part of the software development life-cycle. By preventing and detect bugs throughout the entire codebase, it prevents a lot of rework.

Almost all applications use a database in some form. So can a database be tested? Sure it can. If fetching and posting data is an application requirement why not test that too? There are several libraries that can be used to perform these tasks but, in this piece on database testing, Jest will be used for testing and Mongoose for communicating with the Mongo database.

Download Dependencies

$ yarn add jest mongoose dotenv

The DotEnv library…

For anyone that calls himself or herself a creator, when asked “how,why,what” they don’t have a problem answering “It’s all in my head”. This is true because for a long time I never wrote down anything (i.e. documenting, planning, etc) I was able to execute any task without the use of anything because my notes existed in my head. Everything from start to finish.

As creator I came to a point in my life when I wanted to be more productive, organized, and efficient. During this time I had a hard time deciding how I would approach this. …

A strategy to studying and passing the exam on the first try

Recently I passed the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam. I’ve spent a lot of time working in AWS and I believe having any certification from AWS would validate my knowledge. It took me about a year learning the ins and outs, being uninspired at times, researching, doubting myself, etc. Then Boom!!!! “Congratulations you passed……” As I read the screen I was a lil overwhelmed because of the time it took to get here. …


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